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RB20DET refurbished turbo for the C33 Laurel

Project Laurel: She lives!

Following on from my last post you might remember that after finding the turbo had started spewing fluids I had sent it off to Midland Turbo for a rebuild. The turn around by these guys was epic! it took them just 4 days to inspect, rebuild and send the unit back to me. As part… Continue Reading Project Laurel: She lives!

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Death or Glory! C33 Laurel

Laurel Update

So Since taking ownership of the Laurel, what’s been happening? Well, I wanted to get it to a drift day ASAP, I’m not one for hanging around but at the same time there were a few things that needed adressing before I could take it out on track. Following the coilpack issues with the Skyline… Continue Reading Laurel Update

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Letty Blog 1 – Commitment Issues.

Back to basics Those who know me will know I tend to do over commit and don’t do things by halves. Lily my JZ lexus is still in a million pieces and needing lots of work so I have decided to take my time rebuilding Lily so she probably won’t be ready until next year… Continue Reading Letty Blog 1 – Commitment Issues.

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Sink or Swim RD1 BDC

So by the time this blog goes live you will have seen the many posts saying how good British Drift Championship is under new management. Now, the question is was it really that good? Was it really that much better? I have been a big fan of drifting for a long time and remember a… Continue Reading Sink or Swim RD1 BDC

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Preparing the Laurel

Over the weekend Lucy and I spent some time prepping her C33 Nissan Laurel for its first EVER drift day. This wasn’t as difficult as you might think. There are far too many people who think that in order to start drifting you need a million horsepowers, Wisefab all of the things, a full competition… Continue Reading Preparing the Laurel

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E85 winter meet

One of the most common thing you hear in the car scene, “the car scene is dead” well if anyone was going to prove it wrong it was E85. As everyone knows the winter months really do push cars into hiding, with excessive salt use and dreadful weather it is probably for the best too.… Continue Reading E85 winter meet

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Instagram update

on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrQK33Vgod0/ That time when I thought I would see if the doggo would sit nicely in the #skyline. He did but he looked like I was about to tell him to drive it! 😂😂 #smoldog #pupper #doggo #jackrussell #chihuahua #mixedbreed #deathorgloryblog #nissan #skyline #r32

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Lees R32 skyline at Racewars

My Skyline, the story so far… (part six, The next drift)

My second drift day occurred at a charity event run by a car club known as JPOC. The event was a barrel sprint arranged to help raise money for the Midlands air ambulance. Despite it being a barrel sprint they also allowed drifters to take part to either do the sprint or do some mad… Continue Reading My Skyline, the story so far… (part six, The next drift)

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Ewan’s 1jz Lexus IS200

Lily the 1JZ LEXUS Where to start… I F**king Love this CAR…. AAAAHHHHHHH So you join me 4 years into this obsession, I bought Lily for £800 and it was love at first drive. I have been playing with cars all my life and no car has ever spoke to me so much made me… Continue Reading Ewan’s 1jz Lexus IS200

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