Roberts angry mx5

In a sea of clapped out missiles and bangers flooding the drift scene it is really hard to find a unique car on a drift day. That being said there is potential in every car and Robert has proved he is the master of rising the phoenix from the ashes.


This story started back in 2017, as a regular at Teesside I tend to recognise the cars but I saw Roberts mx5 for the first time in all its glory……… or lack of it.


The mx5 is a fantastic first/budget drift car so they tend too look a bit rough but Roberts really did set the bar pretty low, having said that with an initial price tag of £400 you get what you pay for. The plan was clear get as much seat time as possible and it was going well.59680870_2364119227155428_1901051309457408000_n

Roberts regular appearance at Teesside and googly eyes were boosting popularity of the happy looking MX. Every drift day Robert progressed making upgrades and tidying up the little car. Most just drive their cars into the ground but Robert seemed to have developed a love for this car and that’s when the money started to flow into it.

Robert was kind enough to share the spec of his car

Engine: 1.8 standard motor.


Engine mods: air filter, big radiator, 2.5″ exhaust, stage 3 clutch and erm 1 silicone hose ……….

Suspension: HSD mono, rack spacers and Destroy or Die hubs.

Diff : standard ratio welded.

Wheels: Rota Grid V’s front and Japan Racing rear.


Body kit: Duce aero, BGW, custom hardtop and neons.

Interior: 1 x bucket seat + harness, hydro, Kode steering wheel and 6 point cage with door bars.


As you can see the make over paid off the once jolly MX is now an angry little monster!DSC_0273.jpg

I have a lot of respect for Robert and his car as he has built this car himself don’t get me wrong it has little flaws but I think it suits them and when Robert talks about the car he uses the little things to bring back fond memories like the shortened bash bar from the reverse Teesside day and the paint job he did the day before an event.

Part of drifting is the enjoyment you have building your car and enjoying it with friends, Robert has this down to a tee and you very rarely see him without a smile.

As Robert has shown you can have a total blast of a time in one of these plucky little cars without totally destroying your bank.


What does the future hold for the angry mx5? As the car stands it would benefit from a little boost well Robert has that covered he has a turbo conversion and is just awaiting time to start the change over from n/a to turbo this is fun car to keep an eye on.

Robert would like to thank:

Brad and Chantelle at Driftnuts

Teesside Autodrome (for many toes out of the gravel)

and the whole drift fam Owen, Pete, Martin and Chris and of course my fiancé Katie that helps out and keep the dream alive.

This is my first feature car I hope to do more in the future so keep an eye on the blog.

Photo credit:

Craig Johnston (project thirteen)

Laura Johnson

C Whites photography (image supplied by Robert hall)

Car spotting at Shibuya, Tokyo

Car spotting in Japan

Earlier this year, while on our honeymoon in Japan, Lucy and I decided to do a spot of car spotting.

It was quite a strange experience from a Japanese car lovers perspective, here we were in the country where all our favourite cars originated, and for the most part, over here they were just cars. Something you use on a daily basis to get to and from your place of work, to go on day trips, and visit family or friends.

They do however have a vibrant modified car scene in Japan, and while many of these cars are just used as a daily, they have been modified in some way.

Frustratingly, after we returned to the UK we found out that while we had been there a car meet had taken place at Odaiba parking area, it would have been awesome to have been able to go but still, we saw some amazing cars on our travels.

One evening we took a trip down to Super Autobacs (as you do) and here are a few of the stunning cars we saw.

This G Wagon was super pimp!

Americana seems to be a big thing over in Japan too as you can see above This low riding Chevvy pickup looked badass and below are a couple of examples we found while wandering the streets of Harajuku.

This convertible seemed to be getting a lot of attention from more than just us.

Seeing this group of Lambo’s as they rolled through Shibuya was a sight to behold.

You wouldn’t normally expect to see many cars up a mountain, especially not a volcano but at Mt. Hakone there were.

While walking to Up Garage in Kyoto we spotted this FD3S Mazda RX-7

and this R34 GTT Skyline but we had to be quick with the camera to get the shot!

This 350Z was parked in a parking area just around the corner from Up Garage

Sadly there weren’t many cars in the car park when we got to UG but what were there were pretty cool.

Pink Crown anyone??

Not sure what the nose is on this Swift but it looked interesting!

Finally, we decided to buy some souvenirs from Super Autobacs on our return to Tokyo before our flight home and while we were there we found these beauties sitting in the parking area.

There were so many more stunning cars that we saw on our travels but just weren’t fast enough to get a picture, all you see above are the ones that stood still long enough. It was an absolute dream come true to be able to see the kind of things they do to modify their cars in this part of the world and I hope to see more again in the future.