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Day 1.

When I wrote the last blog about round 1 I was also very excited at the thought of seeing the championship land in Sunderland for round 3 but there was a catch.

As the date crept in closer a worry set in, no venue was announced would the event get cancelled? Then as if they could read my mind the post came up….. BDC would now be held at Teesside for round 3. I love Teesside for drifting and in my eyes it is the home of British drifting so although it’s further away I couldn’t complain.


I now had a chance to see if there was progress in the future for BDC. I would see how much had changed since round 1.


Where do I start, well I guess from the start, sadly I didn’t make it to the practiced day but I was up bright and early on Saturday for pro Am. when I arrived it was clear someone had been reading the last post the trade section was full of life and well actually, it was full in general. It had a variety of stalls including Driftnuts/Project touge, Walton motorsport (which felt like a real shop this time), Ratrap and BDC merch. That wasn’t all the trade area had many cars on display which filled the voids and made it feel like it flowed well. The music from the RC track and the live stream playing at Walton motorsport stall made the area seem more alive.


So overall the improvement hadn’t been drastic but it was a big step in the right direction.

Right down to the action

It’s no secret I was hoping to see Ian Rutherford do well and I was in for a treat but before that we had the pleasure of seeing some drivers put it all on the line.


The day wasn’t without its victims Jolene was one of the first to fall from grace after putting in excellent runs during practice and fighting gearbox issues it seemed she was going to be a worthy contender but it all went downhill with a bang on Southbank as her diff give up the go (insert hello darkness my old friend song).

William Hanna was soon to follow retiring for unknown reasons it was a real shame to not see these drivers in battle.


Another return for this round was team battles. As a spectator this was a nice addition, hopefully in time more teams will take part. Sadly although the team runs were fun to watch they held a heavy price for Nerijus Voliukevicius seeing his skyline burst into flames at the end of the run. Thankfully the fire was put out fast but meant he wouldn’t make it to his battle with Maciek Blazejewski.DSC_0892

Throughout the day the new comer Maciek ran a nice high line round southbank which helped see off the competition and put him in contention for his first podium. Veterans of the sport would not make the fight easy as Ian Rutherford and karl Farrar also landed into in the battle for a podium.

The day ended seeing new comer Maciek land in a well deserved 3rd, Ian 2nd and karl 1st. It was fantastic to see Ian end the day on the podium as a regular at Teesside.

Day 2.


After an impressive day 1 it seemed the bar had well and truly been stepped up. Practice went well and was rather uneventful seeing most drivers take a safe approach. The weather had been fantastic up until qualifying then it all went wrong…………….

The track turned into a pool and most people ran for cover in the driftnuts tent.DSC_0860

Thankfully the rain was short lived and action was back underway after using the drift cars to dry the track.


As the drifting got back underway we had the pleasure of seeing drivers of days gone including Sweeps the founder of BDC, the king of style Alex Law and fast and furious Scotty. Although there weren’t many returning faces it defiantly gave BDC the feeling that a void had been filled. Hopefully the team at BDC will continue to invite drivers back.


The real heroes of drifting.

The staff at BDC had kindly gave me pit access for this event so as qualifying wrapped up I headed to the pits to see what was happening. Something that is overlooked by many is the people that keep the cars on track and I wanted to catch a small look into the hard work of the teams.


As teams ran to each others aid many cars sat in what appeared to be a state of disrepair.DSC_0334

Sadly no matter how good the team were some cars sadly did not manage to make it back out but in amazing fashion some seemed to perform miracles bringing the monsters back from the dead.

Time for war

Onto battles it went sadly the low origin got bumped out in qualifying but the battles had some heavy hitters paired up early on. Sadly one of my favourites Martin Wonnacott got knocked out prematurely after a tough battle and destroying the rear of he car on the final wall …. again, poor car


I think it is fair to say something had happened since round 1 the level of driving had really hit another level, at the start of the year I thought it would be a walk in the park for Aurimas but many driver had really brought the fight


The man on a mission was Ricky Lawrence fighting off many big names and eventually battling it out in the final to see off Aurimas for first place.



Well many companies ask their customers what they need to change and they clearly don’t listen was BDC the same?

As amazing as it seems the staff at BDC really had stepped up and cover absolutely everything mentioned in the previous blog.

Everything from the trade area, old school drivers and even the commentators had all been stepped up.

If the BDC keeps up this standard and still builds on it there will be a promising future.

Driver spotlight


How can you not love this car really? With a real JDM feel and a nice reminder of Ken Nomura’s D1GP car Lee Barker has been around for a few years and is a big fan favourite and I must admit having a death or glory sticker on his car defo makes me love it more.

Sadly Lee was knocked out earlier on in the day but with a consistent driving style and the confidence to run the wall he is a driver to watch in the future.

Go follow his drifting

Big thanks to the BDC for the pit pass and see you all at another event keep up the good work

Words and pictures by Craig (Project Thirteen)

Thanks for reading

In a sea of clapped out missiles and bangers flooding the drift scene it is really hard to find a unique car on a drift day. That being said there is potential in every car and Robert has proved he is the master of rising the phoenix from the ashes.


This story started back in 2017, as a regular at Teesside I tend to recognise the cars but I saw Roberts mx5 for the first time in all its glory……… or lack of it.


The mx5 is a fantastic first/budget drift car so they tend too look a bit rough but Roberts really did set the bar pretty low, having said that with an initial price tag of £400 you get what you pay for. The plan was clear get as much seat time as possible and it was going well.59680870_2364119227155428_1901051309457408000_n

Roberts regular appearance at Teesside and googly eyes were boosting popularity of the happy looking MX. Every drift day Robert progressed making upgrades and tidying up the little car. Most just drive their cars into the ground but Robert seemed to have developed a love for this car and that’s when the money started to flow into it.

Robert was kind enough to share the spec of his car

Engine: 1.8 standard motor.


Engine mods: air filter, big radiator, 2.5″ exhaust, stage 3 clutch and erm 1 silicone hose ……….

Suspension: HSD mono, rack spacers and Destroy or Die hubs.

Diff : standard ratio welded.

Wheels: Rota Grid V’s front and Japan Racing rear.


Body kit: Duce aero, BGW, custom hardtop and neons.

Interior: 1 x bucket seat + harness, hydro, Kode steering wheel and 6 point cage with door bars.


As you can see the make over paid off the once jolly MX is now an angry little monster!DSC_0273.jpg

I have a lot of respect for Robert and his car as he has built this car himself don’t get me wrong it has little flaws but I think it suits them and when Robert talks about the car he uses the little things to bring back fond memories like the shortened bash bar from the reverse Teesside day and the paint job he did the day before an event.

Part of drifting is the enjoyment you have building your car and enjoying it with friends, Robert has this down to a tee and you very rarely see him without a smile.

As Robert has shown you can have a total blast of a time in one of these plucky little cars without totally destroying your bank.


What does the future hold for the angry mx5? As the car stands it would benefit from a little boost well Robert has that covered he has a turbo conversion and is just awaiting time to start the change over from n/a to turbo this is fun car to keep an eye on.

Robert would like to thank:

Brad and Chantelle at Driftnuts

Teesside Autodrome (for many toes out of the gravel)

and the whole drift fam Owen, Pete, Martin and Chris and of course my fiancé Katie that helps out and keep the dream alive.

This is my first feature car I hope to do more in the future so keep an eye on the blog.

Photo credit:

Craig Johnston (project thirteen)

Laura Johnson

C Whites photography (image supplied by Robert hall)

So I went back to my second home again, Teesside.


This time I was not there to watch but to take part. It felt like a lifetime since New Year’s Eve and I was craving the smell of tortured tyres again. Money being tight I had to find a way to get myself back out there. A quick check of the car showed only minor repairs were needed ready for the event, that being said the biggest cost of drifting for me is TYRES. so a few of you are thinking just use part worn, now that’s a great idea if you work in a garage and have a constant supply of worn tyres but I am a teacher and that means complaining teens rather than a supply of free tyres. Luck landed on me this time with a good friend Craig Brown donating 4 tyres it looked like I was all set and my plan to keep drifting cheap was going great.


As always the night before was a mad dash to load my car but my mind was elsewhere as I had the pre drift blues. I had a big worry in my mind that everything had come together too good and my engine was 28 years old, would it hold up? As if I wasn’t stressing enough a lot of friends and family had confirmed they were coming to watch, what if they travel all the way there and I crash or the car dies? All these questions plagued my mind but then to top it all off the founder of DEATH OR GLORY was also coming along!…….. Now to most that’s not a big deal but for me it meant a lot, over the years I have had many brands on my car and I love them for supporting me but no company has ever been as good to me as DEATH OR GLORY so I really wanted to put on a good show for them and do the brand proud.20190422_115605 (1)

Most of you reading this will be more than aware that I have access to Death or Glory’s Facebook and Instagram and like a true idiot I agreed prior to the event on a Facebook post to drift with a 500+bhp ex BDC skyline in my 1.8 s13 that makes about 260bhp at a push. What could go wrong really?


Up at 5am raring to go i picked up my friend and sole pit crew Connor and set off. Amazingly my car made it in one piece and we prepped the car and headed to the driver brief.


Before I even got my car up to temp to go the first victims of excessive ambition had been out and returned to the pits in a battered state. I didn’t let it faze me I threw on my helmet and went to pit lane ready to go. For some strange reason I always say “I am going to do a few calm laps to start with” and for some reason as soon as I set off that all goes out the window. 2 laps in and my exciting first lap had a very negative affect on the car, I lost drive and my car was just revving I rolled into the pits had I killed a clutch or shaft?


On inspection everything looked ok, I let the car cool down and then went back out what did I have to loose. I have no idea what had caused the issue (driver error) but it was working so away we went.


With the car performing better than ever I tried several different lines and entries on west track some worked well some not so great but with the car working well I decided it was time for the national track.

A few solo laps in and my power steering started to play up but I just took the car to the pits and cooled the pump and then it was back to business. I lined up waiting for my turn and who should be sat across from me none other than Ryan Miller in his r33 skyline(yep that’s right it was time to twin). We lined up ready to roll and my heart was pounding, the marshal gave us the signal and away we went I smashed through the gearbox giving it absolutely everything to try to stay with him by the first corner he had pulled a heavy gap but I pedalled the hell out of the car and reduced the gap through the tighter section.


Coming off a chase lap Ryan gave me the signal to lead now little did he know I was totally crapping myself I had never done a lead lap before and I knew that skyline was fast I turned up the boost I knew I would need it. Shaking like a dog sh***** peach seeds I set off focusing on the track I couldn’t hear the skyline theN I initiated and the roar could be heard loud and clear sadly the nerves had put me on a shallow line into the hairpin making it hard for Ryan to follow. Ryan tried his best but due to my error he had to straighten.


After surviving the first lead I felt better and went for it again this time I put my 13 on a much better line only missing 2 of the BDC clip points Ryan put in a much better chase when I was in the right place on the track.
The twinning had warmed my car a lot ……. time to cool off. We went in the pits had a chat with Ryan cooled off and relaxed a little.


But that’s not the end of the day for us back out we went continuing to slide around Teesside up until 5pm

Time for a budget check:

Track fee: £80

Pre track repairs:£0

Post track repairs£45



Total cost:£175

No surprise that the drift day and good weather brought out some awesome cars and bike so here are a few of my favourites

Big thanks to my girlfriend Laura Johnson and Connor Ord for the pictures for this blog


If you want to see me shred here is my video

So by the time this blog goes live you will have seen the many posts saying how good British Drift Championship is under new management. Now, the question is was it really that good? Was it really that much better?

I have been a big fan of drifting for a long time and remember a time before Dave Egan, I watched the sport grow under his ownership and draw in huge crowds. It’s fair to say Matt Stevenson had some big shoes to fill.DSC_0288.jpg

So round one very quickly came around after the new ownership was announced and before I knew it I was throwing my car back together to drive down for PRO AM on the Saturday.


Time for change!

First things first the biggest change of all, the track is in reverse. I had reservations that this would slow the action but how wrong I was! A wild entry really pushed the drivers to their limits seeing many drives having fast paced offs. I have driven Teesside and enjoy the standard layout but this new layout pushed drivers and made the track longer something that was well overdue after damage to the barrier. A very noticeable thing with this layout was that the lower powered cars were having trouble keeping up on the south bank which in turn saw the demise of the underpowered heroes but none the less I enjoyed the battles.


Along with a new layout the Bdc had several other promising additions favourite of all was the massive improvement in technology. Anyone that has attended an event before will remember the shocking PA system, well that has gone and a super clear sound system has you covered from all areas of the track (I could even hear it clearly in the car park).

Another great improvement was the live stream footage on the big screen on both days not just the pro day, this would not have come cheap but gave the people at the track a better view of the action.

Although drones have been used many times in drifting the live stream drones really do bring a whole new level to the viewers at home but truthfully hold very little improvement to spectators at the even as you don’t want to take your eyes of the action to look at the screen if you dont have too.

Trading up.


Another new feature to the day was the addition of a “trade village”. The idea is fantastic probably the best new feature yet but……… it lacked content with only 4 stalls(Walton motorsport, Bdc merch, xite, ratrap RC and a burger van) it felt empty. I really hope Matt hangs on to this idea and builds on it as I really think with the right brands at the event it will push people off the couch and to the event.


The Bdc merch stall also introduced a program which really helped identify drivers and cars (great idea) and its only £2.50 nice keep safe to remember an event.


Back to business.

Overall the two days saw many top-level drivers fall from grace. The second clip seemed to really have the drivers pushed to breaking point, it was very rare to see it done perfect with many drivers dropping wheels or cutting the track. When it went well it really did go well though, if both drivers hit it just right it created an artwork of exciting driving styles.


One of the biggest victims of the new layout was none other than championship favourite Martin Wonnacott. After several good laps it all went down the drain the freshly built chaser took a heavy blow damaging most of the suspension. In true drifting style Martin came back out and pushed hard but the car seemed off its earlier pre-crash form which would later see him knocked out.


As the day went on it really did start to hit home truly how many big name drifter had not returned after the winter break. A huge miss from the grid was the Irish in general, seeing no more than 3 in the battles it felt like something was missing, was it their skill, wild driving style or their energy who knows but they were a big miss. Not only were the Irish a miss but the big names of the past seemed to have vanished crowd favourites like Simon Perry and his son Brett, Driftworks, Richard Dalby Smith, Matt Carter and many more really left the grid feeling a little incomplete. Another real loss for the sport in a way was Matt Stevenson himself one of the very few that would truly destroy his car to please the crowd.


Regardless of the fact I missed the presence these drivers brought to these events, the fresh looking grid did step up and put on a good display of driving. Will this fresh grid grow and win over the fans? Only time will tell but to me it’s looking very promising.


Both days saw strict judging and close call battles even several “one more times” but Aurimas Vaskelis showed dominance throughout and took home first place in his 1000hp e46 bmw.


Would I recommend attending?


OFCOURSE I WOULD! Don’t get me wrong it did seem to feel like something wasn’t quite there yet but this is all new Matt has started totally from the ground up and I am sure that as the year goes on this will start to become one of the best in the world but support is key, show your support and it will grow.


Outstanding moment!


Tomas Falvey threw his beautiful s15 off track and onto the grass as flames curled around the bonnet, marshals ran to his aid but so did Matt Stevenson he could have easily stood back and hoped his team had it covered but instead sprinted to the car. This does show the Bdc is truly in good hands and I look forward to seeing the promising future of BDC and of this sport in the uk.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog keep an eye out for more in the future but until the go give our facebook and instagram a follow


Photo credit:

Death or glory photographer :Craig Johnston (project thirteen)

intagram @project_sthirteen

Aperture arts photography: Andrew Smith

instagram @andz_smith

BDC images from facebook not property of death or glory

Words by

Craig Johnston

After the last drift day I noticed a very strong smell of burning oil, panic set in. thankfully the panic was very short lived as I found the oil leak from the rocker cover half-moons. This was a very annoying find as I have replaced these several times but the high temps in the bay seem to make them go hard. After some digging on eBay I came across some alloy inserts to eliminate the issue for good.


As the rocker cover was going to have to come off I thought I may as well do a different design as the ghost flower pink cover was getting a bit tatty. As a massive fan of MCR factory in japan I wanted to try to for a candy affect. Just to clear it up I am NOT a professional painter by any means I just do it for fun and a challenge. After some Instagram skimming I came across a very cool affect where you polish patterns into the alloy and then paint the candy straight to the surface.


I polished a flame style pattern and then took to the booth to have a go at candy, well candy with pearl and metal flake ohhh and a pink to purple fade. Why do I never start easy……..


My unusual blend of paint was mixed and spraying was well underway. Something I should warn anyone wanting to do it themselves is that the candy additive makes the paint very thin and prone to run so don’t rush (like I did).


The end result was amazing and i was so happy i couldn’t wait to fit it.

When I installed the covers I very quickly noticed that the breathers and wiring covered most of the covers so the battle to hide stuff started. I moved the harness for the intake and injectors down as low as I could and rewrapped them, moved the plugs back so they would tuck down behind the engine and started from scratch with the breathers. Before you know it the whole thing was looking a lot cleaner.


This had given me the bug and something that had been on my mind for a while was next on my list the passenger side front inner arch wiring. It was routed stupidly and was covered in unused plugs. The wiring was stripped back and extra plugs remover then I moved some of the components and routes the wiring along the chassis leg out of sight.

It was time consuming but well worth the effort I will be trying to tuck more wiring in the future and going for a more organised engine bay.

Thanks for reading


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One of the most common thing you hear in the car scene, “the car scene is dead” well if anyone was going to prove it wrong it was E85.


As everyone knows the winter months really do push cars into hiding, with excessive salt use and dreadful weather it is probably for the best too. That all being said a meet was announced for JANUARY!!!!!!!!!! With much doubt I attended anyway as these meets seem to draw out some rare JDM goodies.


Being one of the first to arrive I had the pleasure of watching the hoards of cars descend on the usually quiet car park. Before I knew it there was a line of cars waiting to get into a car park that was bursting at the seems. Like a scene from the fast and the furious cars revved their engines and played loud music, the event could be heard for miles.


It was only when I stared walking around the true monster showed their face. Feeling like I had just stepped onto the streets of japan I was surrounded with some of the coolest Japanese cars to have ever graced our roads.


From Evo’s to skylines there was a bit of everything but one of the first to really pull me in was a white Nissan s14a.


This car seemed like a lightly modified s14, low with minor body changes that was until you look under the bonnet.


Sporting an rb26 skyline engine this was clearly not your average car. Hats off to the owner this car put most cars to shame tonight and drew some of the biggest crowds.


Although I am a sucker for big RWD cars the Japanese hot hatches brought their A game too. A Suzuki ignis sport parked away from the action really caught my eye, I think its fair to say that these are very underrated sporting a 1.5 engine, bucked seats and a body kit as standard they are a great started car and have a real JDM look.


Several Mazda mx-5s came and went but this one kinda caught my eye with a lightly modified look and an excellent choice of wheels it really did look like a street drift car.


As always there where a few rare cars but the two that got my attention where a volvo(yes I know its not Japanese but its rwd and can drift like a hero) and a rather odd import corolla.

The fun didn’t stop there as far as unusual cars go, have you ever seen a bright yellow Micra with 3 spokes and neon’s ? well you have now!


Whilst we are on the subject of Micra’s I came across this rather clean Micra sporting the death or glory stickers.

Overall E85 drew out some awesome cars for a winter meet and I look forward to the next one.


words and images by Craig Johnston

So where do I start?

Well I made it to the NYE Teesside drift day.


After a battle for the full month before getting the car ready for the event I bolted on the last few parts the night before the event. As if it wasn’t scary enough drifting my pride and joy I was taking a car I built in the street to an event with NO testing at all, what could go wrong?


I will get it over and done with, I crashed….. Not once, not twice but 3 times. I am by no means a pro drifter but I consider myself quite familiar with Teesside but I was in for a shock, the combination of the new setup and extremely slippy surface got the better of me. After the first big crash into the tyre wall I thought my luck was on the up so I tied the national/bdc track to find my 3rd gear entry confidence far outweighed my skill and I did some off-roading. At this point I knew things had to change so back to the pits I went.


If you’re new to drifting this is the best advice I could ever give you, TYRE PRESSURE. As I had struggled massively with grip I lowered the front pressure to 18psi and the rears to 40psi. A few small adjustments to the rear toe and I was back on track and the car was starting to find its stride.


My confidence in the car had grown and that’s when I had strike 3. I came up the hill on west track on a rather spicy lap a lot wider than I should have washed off the track, as soon as all 4 wheels were on the grass I was a passenger and into the tyre bail I went. Unlike my first meeting with the wall the car came off really well no damage.

Now at this point your thinking give up whilst your cars intact, so that’s exactly what I did. Well I needed the toilet so I came off track emptied the tank and went straight back too it ha.


Every lap after that I bonded more with the car pushing it harder every lap until another driver with a beautiful red sr powered s13 asked if I wanted to try some twinning. I paused when he asked but knew that’s what I came here to do so nervously agreed the first 3 laps where absolutely dreadful and that’s putting it nicely my timing was all over. after a pep talk from my mate Connor I tried again but this time I tried drifting as if he was not there and I worked I couldn’t believe it I was drifting on track with another s13 and a driver I really looked up to. I think forgetting about him helped build my confidence then when I believed in myself the hunt was on.

capture twin

The reality is I have an underpowered car (shocked face) so chasing that sr powered monster was going to be a challenge for me but I gave it my best shot. I managed several good laps with him before disaster struck…….Powering up the hill a massive bang and the car died it sounded like a rod had ejected my poor little CA. I limped it back to the pit opened the bonnet expecting to see my piston but nothing, no oil, no broken bits what had happened. Thankfully a boost pipe had evacuated the dance floor it was a nice easy fix and I was back at it again in now time.


During my down time fixing the car a new challenge had presented itself the sun had gone and I was surrounded in darkness. Now don’t get me wrong I have slid my car around in the dark but I had never initiated a drift at over 60mph in the pitch black. For the record your car lights are totally useless as soon as you’re sideways the track you need to see is no longer illuminated. That being said it was by far one of the most exciting challenge I had ever faced.

When you read this your probably thinking it sounded like a bit of a stressful day which don’t get me wrong it really was but I must say it was by far the most challenging but fun day I have ever had.

If you ever get the chance to do NYE at Teesside you really should it is like no other drift day and will test your skill in so many ways

I have uploaded a small video of my car during the day follow the link to see how I got on.

photo credit to: ADimages (on instagram and facebook)

aperture arts photography (@andz_smith)

Over the years I have spectated many event around the country, seen many styles and layouts in drifting but one thing i have always wanted to do is drift Teesside on new years eve. Although I have drifted Teesside before on other practice days I have always felt that the NYE event was something special and it had landed itself on my bucket list so the big question is would this be my year?………..


So the road to Teesside started very early in 2018 I pushed myself to learn the national track on the May practice day. After a successful day of drifting I knew I had exceed the car’s ability and knew that I needed to start working to improve it.

I started off with some lock mods as I felt that the car was on the bump stops for most of the last drift day and really had limited my progress. I managed to pick up some 30mm extended lower control arms with removed bump stops. All new bushes and ball joints were installed ready. To add to the lower arms I also fitted the GKTech rack spacer, just for the record you need to get longer boots as my old one ripped as soon as I turned it onto full lock.


Whilst upgrading the lock I also managed to land my self some Z32 front brakes from the wonderful eBay. Sadly the brakes had seen better days so I had them shot blasted and ordered a rebuild kit to give them a fresh leash of life. I would recommend having a go at this yourself I saved money and learned something new but in all honesty it was a really straight forward task. The new arms had massively changed the stance and with inspiration from the low american style cars I pushed it as low as I could.


So with the ride height, lock and brakes sorted the inside was next on the list. Teesside Autodrome does not have many rules but one rule they do stand very firmly by is the NO CAGE NO TANDEM. I can respect their concern for the safety of the people in the car but as I want to progress I needed a cage.


I picked up a Cusco dash dodger off a friend that had door bars already fitted, it was perfect. A quick shoot of purple paint and it was bolted in, and yes it really was that easy it was so easy to fit. As I had the carpets out already it seemed like a good time to relocate the battery, screen wash and make a fuse panel. Most of these parts where universal kits from eBay but as you can see they really do look like they where ment to be there.


By this point your thinking dam Craig you have been busy……. well it would only get worse. After talks with lee the founder of Death Or Glory it was agreed that I could rep the brand for another year so the new design was well underway. Driftnuts designed and made my new decals ready for JAE but I wanted to fit them myself, was it brave or stupid?


With the help of two others and lots of pizza we worked through the night to apply the decals which although it was time-consuming I really enjoyed doing it. That all being said it was not a one man jobs and I strongly recommend that you seek help when trying this yourself. The final product came out amazing.


After JAE it was time for the big push. I had purchased a new rear subframe as the old one was bent(yes i crashed……). I realised it would be hard to fit in the street as I jack the car up on the diff so it was time to make a rear jack bar. I bought a kit and welded it up myself, which came out so much better than I thought so I took it to get powder coated. The guy asked what colour would I like, when I said the most ridiculous purple you have he really did knock it out of the park don’t you think?


as the car could now be lifted easier it was time for a subframe change. I very quickly ripped out the old unit ready for a refurbished frame.20181126_160200

Before I fitted the new frame it was treated to Driftworks poly bush mounts but more importantly a R33 GTST 4.1 diff. I decided to weld the diff as I couldn’t afford a LSD, I look forward to diff skip……..


I have now fitted this and this is how the car currently stands I have refurbished everything I could.


As you can all clearly see I am along way from being done and still havent started to remove the turbo to replace the blown gaskets. I have still managed to keep the budget low on this work as most of the parts were sourced second-hand or refurbished. If your also on a budget but need parts driftworks forum and eBay will keep the dream alive don’t rush to buy things just take your time bargains do come up.

  With only 3 weeks today until the event the pressure is increasing, will I get it done in time?

Keep an eye on the blog page and my Instagram @project_sthirteen to see if I make it.

Although the name project thirteen may not sound familiar to many, the followers of death or glory will have seen my car several times.

So what is project thirteen?

4 years ago I decided that I could not wait any longer and I had to buy my first drift car. My mind was made up long before the shopping started, it had to be a uk spec Nissan 200SX S13 with the original 1.8 I was very stubborn about that. I viewed several cars and settled on a rusted out silver s13 in a state of disrepair and that is where project 13 began.


Now anyone into cars know that owning a drift car can be expensive but my big aim was to keep cost down and do everything myself to this car (when I type this i see how unrealistic that sounds).

The first year of owning a drift car was by far the hardest of all for me, most of my time and money was spent on repairs and keeping the car road legal.

My plan to go drifting was put on hold after turbo failure and a large crash (no streeto involved rusty camber arm let down the team). On the verge of giving up on my dreams of drifting another drifter reminded me that goals are only targets and are most definitely flexible so just take my time and do it when I feel ready not when everyone else tells me (I still stand by this today as one of the best bits of advice I have ever been given relating to drifting.)


Over the next year I spent most nights and weekend changing my car or adjusting things to make the car better and after several cosmetic looks I had started to engage full hover craft aero, but more importantly with a spur of the moment decision I loaded up my car with spares rang a friend and headed to Teesside Autodrome…


Well its fair to say that my first drift day didn’t go great, I couldn’t link the track and I crashed! All of that aside there was one moment that really reminded me why i loved drifting so much, as I went full throttle at the first corner I looked up the bank to see a kid and his dad cheering for me as I nailed the corner it was at that point I felt like a hero for the weekend…


Since that drift day I have attended 4 more events and after every drift day my car undergoes more changes so that I can achieve more and on my last drift day i braved the infamous south bank.


Up until this point I have managed to complete this journey doing all the work my self and on a realistic budget. Over the coming months I will try to share tricks and tips to do it on a budget but truthfully the key is to do it yourself and if you don’t know how to now is a good time to learn.


So that is a small intro to PROJECT THIRTEEN it’s more than a car it’s the journey it’s taking me on, if you want to see some videos of my journey so far check out my YouTube channel.

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates


PHOTO CREDIT: Robert Johnston, Andy’s arty auto images and last of all me 🙂