Death or Glory


Death or Glory was started in 2013 under the name STLTHY this was off the back of a blog I had been writing for a few years prior called StealthyGecko. In those days it was heavily focussed on the modified car scene and my love of the drifting motorsport. 

Back then I didn’t really know what I was doing I just wanted to start creating clothing and sticker designs. I had always had a love for design and art in its various forms and modified cars so why not combine them?

Over time I became the UK distributor for an American car parts company, however, I later realised that this was not what I wanted as it was taking my attention away from what I really wanted to do, design. So I started off separating the design side from the parts sales and that’s how Death Or Glory was born.

After a few months, I finally closed the parts business altogether as with the increase in import duty and trying to split my time between two businesses it was no longer a viable option. Since then I’ve spent a large amount of time trying to focus on where I want to try and take Death Or Glory.

I still love the modified car scene and often post about my antics with cars on the blog. It is also a fuel for my design inspiration along with Japanese popular culture, street art and music. 

The name “Death or Glory” came about from a design I did while working under the STLTHY brand I wanted to show my belief that if you believe in something you will give it your all to make it succeed or die trying.

Thanks, Lee.

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