Day: January 7, 2019

NYE Bash(crash)at teesside (project thirteen)

So where do I start? Well I made it to the NYE Teesside drift day. After a battle for the full month before getting the car ready for the event I bolted on the last few parts the night before the event. As if it wasn’t scary enough drifting my pride and joy I was… Continue Reading NYE Bash(crash)at teesside (project thirteen)

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My Skyline, the story so far … (part nine)

So now that the Skyline had a different look what was next? More seat time? Don’t be silly! I could have and SHOULD have got myself booked onto another drift day at Pod but partly because it was at the time of year when Santa Pod stop all DWYB days in favour of the various… Continue Reading My Skyline, the story so far … (part nine)

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